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To give an indication of the flow of events during this renovation, a timeline is displayed below. 

All parties involved in the renovation have put together this robust project timeline. This planning remains subject to potential revisions and updates.

Installation of the Thermal Energy Source

January 27, 2024

A major component of this project and our commitment to sustainability, involves the installation of a Thermal Energy Source system, utilizing geothermal energy to efficiently heat and cool the hotel. This process requires drilling under the Kattengat, adjacent to the Koepelcafé.

Our project team has taken extensive measures to minimize disruption. The installation of the Thermal Energy Source will commence on January 30th and is anticipated to conclude by the end of April. It's important to note that Kattengat will remain accessible for motorized traffic throughout the works, except for two specific days when special crane operations are scheduled: the Kattengat will be fully closed on February 6. A second date will follow.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our renovation efforts align with our goals of enhancing sustainability while maintaining community harmony. For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to contact us.


Thermal Energy Source
Update April, 2024

The drilling operations have now been successfully completed, and the drilling rig has already been removed from the construction site. During the week of April 2nd to 5th, work will be carried out on the pipeline from the source towards the Koepelkerk, after which on Monday, April 8th, the pump installation will be hoisted into the well. For these lifting operations, we will have to close off Kattengat for all traffic for a second time.. We are doing this to ensure the safety of bystanders and road users during the lifting operations.

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