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The Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel has been a hotel since 1975 and is conveniently located to explore Amsterdam’s best-known landmarks, including the canal district, plenty of museums and the ‘9 Straatjes’ shopping area.


The Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel is undergoing a phased renovation to its guest rooms and public areas as of early 2023. To stay in line with the Renaissance brand and the current tendencies in responsible tourism, the hotel has sustainability as a top priority and aspires to be a true enhancement to the city of Amsterdam. The renovation will ensure the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel remains one of the leading hotels in Amsterdam for years to come. 

Through this website you will be able to stay informed about the process of the renovation.



The renovation of the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel is officially underway! We recently raised a toast to celebrate the start of this project, and we couldn't be more excited.

We're pleased to inform you that all contracts have been signed, and we have a fantastic team of professionals in place to bring this project to life. The involved parties are all enthusiastic about working together.

The renovation process will be a significant undertaking, but we're confident that the end result will be well worth the effort. We're committed to minimizing any disruptions to our guests, neighbors and associates and we'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress every step of the way.

Rembrandt painting rooms.jpg

Design inspiration

The look & feel of the all new Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel is  inspired by the many species of trees you can find in Amsterdam. The designers of Bowler James Brindley decided to bring "the outside in" to our public spaces, which reflects back on the lobby and bar decoration as well as the large wooden structure shaped like a tree in the heart of the hotel.

Inspired by the discoveries of the Golden Age as well as the magic light inside Rembrandt’s mind, Swedish designer company Stylt says wanderlust is part of the Dutch DNA. The guest rooms are inspired by the cultural history of the Netherlands. You’ll find designs of famous Dutch painters blended into the interior.

The exterior of the hotel has been reshaped by local designers Kentie & Partners, who focused on enhancing the arrival experience as well as incorporating sustainability. Certain parts of the hotel’s exterior wall will transform into vertical gardens as one of the ecological investments. This reduces the energy consumption of the building and creates a habitat for urban wildlife. It captures and harvests rainwater, plants produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air.


Get an idea of what the future hotel will look like. 

"With sustainability as a top priority"

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